State Quarters
State Date of Statehood Image Significance
DELAWARE 1787 Portrait of Caesar Rodney
He cast the deciding vote for the resolution of independence and signed the Declaration of Independence
PENNSYLVANIA 1787 Commonwealth
the statue atop the state capitol building
NEW JERSEY 1787 Washington Crossing the Delaware
Emmanuel Leutze Painting
GEORGIA 1788 The Live Oak-State Tree
Georgia Peach-State Fruit
CONNECTICUT 1788 In 1687 King James II revoked the state's charter and a colonist hid it in the hollow of The Charter Oak
MASSACHUSETTS 1788 The Minuteman
a statue commemorating Revolutionary war soldiers
MARYLAND 1788 Dome of the Maryland State House
Built in 1772 and still used by the state legislature
SOUTH CAROLINA 1788 The Yellow Jessamine-State Flower
The Palmetto-State Tree
The Carolina Wren-State Bird
NEW HAMPSHIRE 1788 Old Man of the Mountain
The state emblem
A rock formation on Cannon Mountain which looked like an old man's face
VIRGINIA 1788 The three ships that in 1607 brought the first settlers to Jamestown
NEW YORK 1788 The Statue of Liberty
NORTH CAROLINA 1789 The Wright Brothers
first airplane flight at Kitty Hawk
RHODE ISLAND 1790 A sailboat on Narragansett Bay
VERMONT 1791 A man tapping a Maple Tree with Camel's Hump Mountain in the background
KENTUCKY 1792 A thoroughbred horse representing horse-racing
TENNESSEE 1796 A fiddle (Appalachian Music)
A trumpet (The Blues)
and a guitar (country)
0HIO 1803 Birthplace of Aviation
Wright Brothers-Neil Armstrong-John Glenn from Ohio
LOUISIANA 1812 Outline of Louisiana Purchase
state bird (Pelican)
a Trumpet (Jazz)
INDIANA 1816 A race car representing home of Indianapolis 500
MISSISSIPPI 1817 The state flower
The Magnolia
ILLINOIS 1818 Abraham Lincoln
grew up and practiced law in the state
ALABAMA 1819 A portrait of Helen Keller reading a braille book
MAINE 1820 Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
guiding a ship into harbor
MISSOURI 1821 Lewis and Clark returning in a riverboat going through the Gateway Arch
ARKANSAS 1836 Rice stalks
a diamond and ducks
major industries of the state
MICHIGAN 1837 A map of the state with the Great Lakes highlighted
FLORIDA 1845 On the left a Spanish galleon and on the right the space shuttle
TEXAS 1845 A map of Texas with a large star referring to the Lone Star State
IOWA 1846 A rendering of the painting Arbor Day by artist Grant Wood
WISCONSIN 1848 A wheel of cheese
an ear of corn and a cow
CALIFORNIA 1850 John Muir gazes at Yosemite's Half Dome while a condor soars overhead
MINNESOTA 1858 A lake representing
Land of 10000 Lakes
with a loon swimming
OREGON 1859 A view of the Nation's deepest lake
Crater Lake and Wizard Island
KANSAS 1861 A buffalo (state animal)
and a sunflower (state flower)
WEST VIRGINIA 1863 3030-ft long 876-ft high
New River Gorge Bridge
NEVADA 1864 Three mustangs running free
home to half the nations wild horses
NEBRASKA 1967 A family in a covered wagon passing by Chimney Rock on the Oregon Trail
COLORADO 1876 The Rocky Mountains
NORTH DAKOTA 1889 Two bison representing the nature preserve in the area
SOUTH DAKOTA 1889 Mount Rushmore and a ring-necked pheasant
MONTANA 1889 A bison skull
a western icon and symbol of Native-American heritage
WASHINGTON 1889 A leaping salmon and Mount Rainier
IDAHO 1890 The Peregrine Falcon
once endangered but now abundant
WYOMING 1890 A bucking horse and rider
symbolizing the wild west
UTAH 1896 Two trains and a railroad spike symbolizing completion of the transcontinental railroad
OKLAHOMA 1907 The scissortail flycatcher
the state bird
NEW MEXICO 1912 A topographical map of the state with the Pueblo symbol Zia
ARIZONA 1912 The Grand Canyon and a saguaro cactus
ALASKA 1959 A grizzly bear eating a salmon
HAWAII 1959 A portrait of the 19th century king Kamehameha I who united the islands