Hi, Winai! Winai Goyadoola
Getting asked out by a girl is unheard of in Thailand, going to the Turnabout with Debbie Lerohl was not to be missed.

Every nation is known by a specific characteristic --the Irish are hot-tempered, the Italians are emo-tional, the Scandinavians are industrious, Thais are happy. And to Virginia, Winai Goyadoolya is the happiest of them all.

Winai came just in time to see Virginia at its best --during Diamond Days. He had an inside view of the Festivities by living with Mayor Pearsall and his family.

Football, Turnabout, classes, new friends, all played a big part in Winai's year at VHS, and were accepted with a big spontaneous grin.

Winai and John Luhtala didn't miss this chance to mug for the cameras.

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